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ANGLER Technology, an independent quality assurance and testing company offers comprehensive range of testing services for ISVs, and software service companies. We provide Quality software testing services and solutions for all types of softwares& applications. Our goal is to optimize seamless experience by identifying bugs earlier rather than later, saving you considerable expense.

our test process framework helps in early course correction and proactive decision making thereby resulting in: –

  • Reducing the defects that impact business& users
  • Provide a stable application in production
  • Significant Qualityimprovement

Our software testing services are designed in a way to ensure that the final product not only meets the client’s requirements but also exceeds it by being cost effective and bug free.

ANGLER Testing Services

System IntegrationTesting

Integrated system testing is performed on the entire system in the context of a Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) and a System Requirement Specification (SRS). This process tests not only the design, but also the application performance, especially measured against specific client expectations.

Automation Testing

Automation testing Service helps the modern enterprise that increasingly relies on mobile applications and multichannel web experiences to engage new customers and drive new business opportunities.
Automation testing delivers end-to-end functional, regression, load, and integration testing to address the quality challenges of highly complex and integrated applications.

Embedded App Testing

Embedded application testing is a complicated task that requires highly skilled engineers to accomplish the testing in an impeccable manner. Our testing process includes a series of close monitored test sequences so bugs ruled out immediately. We have a wide range of solutions for your problems regarding your embedded software.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile app testing is a process of testing applications made for mobile devices for their consistency, usability and functionality. Mobile application development is crucial for the proper functioning of an application, itverify the performance and behavior of the application.We offer a multi level of testing facilities which ensure a thorough scan for any & all bugs, vulnerabilities, and performance bottlenecks.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing focuses on the functionality of the application or system under test, its carried out to ensure that the application or system meet the customer requirements. Functional Testing service includes Unit Testing, Module Testing and Integration Testing.

Performance Testing

We help you with performance testing services at every stage of the software development lifecycle. With this service an application is tested for its performance factors like responsiveness, reliability, throughput and scalability of a system under expected load.

Security Testing

Software security testing offers the promise of improved IT risk management for the enterprise.Security testing solution helps on fault finding in software, it seek to remove vulnerabilities before software is purchased or deployed and it ensures data integrity by preventing unauthorized usage.

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