ANGLER’S Concept to Mobile App Delivery Model

As a full-service mobile app development company, ANGLER Canada has a proven history of building feature-rich, fast, cost-effective & client-centric mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry & HTML5 apps for start-ups to large organizations. Our expert professionals work closely with our clients on each step ahead by providing information, expertise and experience right from the product concept to requirement, planning to production, testing and quality assurance, timely maintenance and upgrades to build a world-class mobile app that suits our client’s budget and requirement.

What We Offer

  • Understanding the requirement and collecting information about client’s business, product, company, customers, goals, process and finally their idea about what a mobile app should do for them.
  • Planning and assembling the team of efficient & skillful app developers, who can take client’s idea from concept through delivery on multiple mobile platforms. Developing an ideal mobile app depends on a close working partnership with each customer while we create, enhance, and promote the app solution.
  • Driving a process to successful mobile app with eye an catching UI design. Our custom code libraries permit our professionals access to vast archives of source code, empowering them to reuse the most widely recognized characteristics and capacities for fast coordination into any mobile application. This procedure brings out an especially expedient time-to-market timeline, fulfilled without holding back or bargaining on functionality or quality.
  • Finding solutions to the challenges by developing suitable app at the first opportunity. We fabricate the best quality programming and the one that works with the current mobile technology base for our clients
  • We continue maintaining the usefulness of mobile app to the end customers through regular maintenance, version upgrades, support, and the right quality assurance processes.
  • Achieving a positive end result by promoting and marketing the client’s mobile app with various go-to-market methods.

Most of our mobile apps have been successfully deployed in App Store that are depicted by both our clients and their users as highly creative, flexible, more responsive and user-friendly apps. We make your apps stand out from the competition, by giving an extra edge with continued maintenance, 24×7 support, bug fixes and release of new versions.

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