Web application to Analyze Expected Investment Returns


Client works with companies to accelerate growth of their businesses by focusing on growth drivers and growth of their revenue by discovering and implementing new market opportunities.


Need to develop a Financial Metrics Calculator application where investors can personally assess and quantify their expected value from their investment.

What We Did

We have developed a web application where investors can specify their industry, analytics type, location, business imperative and investment. On submitting their answers investors get personalized results summarizing their business case. Apart from analytics solution they will also get report for their records including the key assumptions made.

This web application enables the investors to calculate Payback period, Net Present Value (NPV), Return On Investment (ROI) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) based on their investment, industry, analytics type and business imperative.


ASP .NET MVC 5.0 with MS SQL Server 2014.


  • A calculator to calculate financial terms and produce personalized results
  • Analysis screen for sensitive calculation of the parameters.
  • Reports including the key assumptions made for better analysis
  • Custom Analysis of Return on Investment

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