IOS App developed for a Canadian client to control cameras which uses geared lens


The client belongs to photography Industry. They have publicized Andra’s motion focus system which will work for any geared lens with hard stops in prototype form at 2015 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.


Client requirement was to develop an iOS App which should act like a remote control to manage and control all the key features of a Camera. The app should control all types of cameras which uses geared lens and make film shooting easy without lengthy rehearsals and multiple takes, follow action or subjects while they move through buildings, down staircases or run along streets, keeping them in focus automatically. The requirement also includes UI changes to existing design, new features inclusion & implementation.

What we did

Our iOS developers’ team built an app with features to control camera from iOS devices. The controls include focus, digital and mechanical zoom, distance adjustment, aperture control etc of multiple cameras at a time.

The app is developed and made compatible to work with all types of cameras which have geared lenses. It works as a high end wireless system which helps the film and video technology based industry to easily shoot focus pulling scenarios which are really difficult.

The system is compatible with geared lenses that have hard stops and works with inexpensive lenses to high-end lenses. The app was build with many adjustable parameters and has been designed to give full creative control over focus without having to worry about distances.

Technology Used



  • Remote control of camera operations.
  • Responsive and Compatible with all types of cameras with geared lenses
  • Easily shoot focus pulling scenarios
  • Works with inexpensive lenses to high-end lenses
  • Full creative control over focus without having to worry about distances
  • Control Camera lens, nodes and focus
  • Full manual control is always at fingertips

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