Importance of Encryption to Security

Encryption is the most successful way to achieve data security; it allows people to securely guard data that they don't want anyone else to have access to. Normally, businesses use it to protect corporate secrets and many individuals use it to protect personal information to defend against things like identity theft.

According to a recent survey, 90% of businesses say they have been hacked; The hacking and selling corporate data can be a very profitable prospect for potential hackers, so protection against hacking is very important. Encryption is a powerful method of protecting corporate data against hacking, in the same way locking the business-doors is an effective method of preventing intruders.

Another importance of data encryption is that is helps to protect devices from data misuse. Encryption also supports to protect the data of different data storage devices, as the storage devices sometimes consist personal / sensible data, so the loss of any storage device can be very risk for us. But we encrypt our data we can be sure that no one can misuse those data.

Encryption find its importance in three facets of security such as confidentiality (keeping data private), Integrity (the accuracy of the data), Availability (keeping web server online and data available). There are several ways to integrate data encryption into our storage devices and networks. We need to analyse and choose the best encryption method for our networks and devices.

Encryption not only protects our data, but also helps us to be tension free. Live a tension free life through secure your data with the best encryption method.

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